iVenit is a software system designed to manage local taxes. Designed in accordance with the applicable law, the system can be adapted to the local specificity.


The system’s main functions are:

•    records of taxable objects: buildings, land, vehicles and others; the records are kept for a minimum of 5 years;

•    records of taxpayers, individuals and companies, kept in connection with the local unique street nomenclature;

•    managing the fiscal relationship with each taxpayer through a unique account (or unique role) which consolidates all payment obligations, payments, attributed taxable objects, balance, bank statements etc.;

•    determining every type of claim based on the recorded taxable objects, according to the applicable law;

•    determining tax increases for taxpayers who own several properties, when integrated with RECAL (The Central Electronic Registry for Local Administration);

•    managing increases, exemptions or deductions for each taxpayer, if enlisted in certain categories;

•    recording and processing payments from taxpayers and determining their effect on claims; the payments can be made in cash at the city hall’s or by other methods( payment order, POS) or partners;

•    recording other claims such as fines or incidental fees, as well as their payment and effect;

•    processing and providing support information for the management of the fiscal activity ;

•    archiving and retrieving fiscal records from the previous years, opening and closing the fiscal records of a year;

•    monitoring and analyzing users’ activity;

•   accounting records for revenue, generating accounting records according to the norms established by the Ministry of Public Finance;

•    managing the tracking and enforcing activities for claims;

•    determining the budget, with configuration options;

•    editing and configuring reports to cover specific demands;

•    notifying and communicating with the taxpayer, issuing and managing documents addressed to the taxpayer: fiscal certificates, payment notices, warnings, enforcement papers

Modules associated with iVenit:

•    checking tax status and online payment;

•    using resources from partners (The Post, CEC, RAR) for payment processing and recording;

iVenit is integrated in the suite HomeArt SOFT aplications as HomeERP.