About us

HomeArt SOFT provides advanced software solutions ranging from desktop applications to complex systems such as integrated payroll, accounting, monitoring the water supply or project management of medical institutions.

Information, communication technology and performance available through HomeArt SOFT, together with an interdisciplinary team of workers will always be a nice place to address and resolve issues which defines the responsibility of each user.

We combine our specialists’ knowledge and customers’ input with the permanent analysis of legislation changes and use the technical abilities of the software development team to align our products with the optimal method of data processing, with complete safety and control. The user can easily find the processes and document flow to which he is accustomed among the available functionalities.

Why choose us?

In simple words, the mission's objective of HomeArt SOFT is the total satisfaction of its customers.

Two of the most difficult software related decisions facing IT directors today are development outsourcing and whether to build a customized application or buy off the shelf software.

The decision as to whether to build or buy software has merits for either option. We are here to support with any decision you will make, offering the best raport price/quality for any custom development or you can buy one of our existing solutions we have in the market.


We are always looking for talented individuals who are willing to join our growing team.

If you are familiar with java, SQL, web design and programing you can contact us:

By email at

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